22 de March 2018

World Water Day: Kunstmann cares about the environment

Water is one of the most important natural resources for life and survival, we know it very well in our brewery, so the efficient use of water is our continued commitment. Currently, we have an average use of 4.3 liters to produce 1 liter of beer from any of our specialties, which is under the minimum world class range, which is six liters per beer.

Kunstmann varieties use the highest quality water sources. For elaboration, we use soft waters extracted from deep wells located in our production plant, it’s essential to assure excellent products to consumers. This is the reason to be our commitment to sustainable management of one of the most important finite resources in the world.

To optimize use, we implemented two water recovery systems, understanding that the lower water consumption in production process, the lower will be environmental impact.

For example, the water we are using for bottle rinsing is now reused in other processes like filling of ponds for fire network, truck washing, cleaning of wastewater treatment plant, etc. In addition, we periodically review and maintain processes to reduce water leaks. This implementation has allowed us to recycle 10% of water.
In Kunstmann we make efforts every day to have a more sustainable production. Little by little we will tell you how we work in our only plant located in Valdivia.