27 de March 2019

World Water Day at Kunstmann Brewery

Many people are not aware of the importance of water for brewing. Beers contain between 90 and 93% of water. We are fortunate to have one of the purest sources in the world. Patagonian water together with Valdivian jungle soil essence allow us to elaborate unique specialties.

On World Water Day, we wanted to reaffirm our commitment to care for this finite resource, the most important in the world, highlighting some of our initiatives developed. Currently, we use an average of 4.3 liters of water to produce a liter of beer, so we are under the minimum world class rank, which is six liters per beer.

Also, time ago we implemented two water recovery systems to have the lowest environmental impact. For example, water used to rinse bottles is reused to fill ponds, for fire network, washing of trucks, etc. Additionally, we make continued overhauls and maintenance to avoid leaks, recycling 10% of water.

We invite you to discover the importance of water for Kunstmann specialties.