09 de July 2018

Wheat has a key role in our new Experimental Beer

New specialty was cooked by our Braumeister and his team in our Valdivia brewery. This is the new Kunstmann Hefeweizen, an orange-gold color and slight turbidity beer due to style and its unfiltered characteristic: “Hefe” means yeast in German and “weizen” wheat.

Elaboration considered wheat, Munich and Château barley malts, Pale Ale, Perle hops, a high fermentation yeast and, of course, Valdivia soft waters. To our specialist, its aroma is generally of high intensity, highlighting notes of banana and clove, which are very well combined with sweetness of malts and low hopping.

Among  the highlights of this new Experimental Beer, is the persistent and great retention foam, it’s a refreshing drink in spite of the alcohol level 6.0% and 20 IBU bitterness. It contains only 49.73 Kcal/100 ml and the ideal temperature to serve is between 6 ° and 9 ° C.

It is a balanced beer in mouth, with sweet notes and soft bitterness which contribute to a creamy texture. For pairing, our expert recommends low-fat light meals, seafood, sausages and spiced cheeses. After the meal, this new experimental is perfect with raspberry cupcakes or compote-type fruit.

Our Kunstmann Hefeweizen, as all experimental specialties, will be limited in schop format. It will be available in our Brewery restaurant in Valdivia or Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars in Isla Teja, Bellavista and Ñuñoa square in Santiago.