14 de June 2018

¡We’ve got a new experimental specialty combining Latin American Flavors!

Innovation is a key element in our daily life and, in this opportunity, we wanted to surprise all CRAFT beer fans with innovative exploratory specialty. The new Latin American Beer combining characteristic ingredients of continent, mainly from countries where we have presence with specialties.

The elaboration considered mate from Argentina and Paraguay adding a bittern touch. Bolivia balanced with quinoa, while Colombia provided the coffee strength. Then, the characteristic milk jam from Uruguay, and our contribution of smoky notes in aroma and flavor of malts, hops and obviously the soft water from Valdivia.

This cooking result was an intense amber foaming black beer. Range of aromas are sweet notes, red apple, soft toasted and smoked sparkles.  In mouth the astringent and bitter aftertaste of mate and hops. Dry finish and slightly toasted notes indicates a good coffee was used.

This new Latin American beer of 5.1° alcohol content provides 40.51 kcal/100 ml. Perfect consumption temperature is between 10 to 12 ° C and bitterness 40 IBU. As for pairing for this experimental specialty, roasted and smoked foods, ideally grilled meats and sausages. Some medium-intensity cheeses, chocolate and butter cookies dessert.

Elaborated in our experimental location “Charlie Papazian” in Valdivia, launched by our founder, Armin Kunstmann, in the last Kunstmann on tap. It will be available at Valdivia Brewerly Restaurant for limited time as well as at Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars in Isla Teja, Barrio Bellavista and Plaza Ñuñoa in Santiago.