21 de October 2016

We were at “Paula Market” with IPA 55, the new “BrewMaster Delirium”

After IPA 65 success in Echinuco Fair and Manquehue Oktoberfest, we finished our beer tour in Paula Market.

IPA 55, name for its 55th IBU (International Bitterness Unit, for its acronym in English), highlights for recognizable bitterness compared to traditional Kunstmann line (SommerPils, is our most bitter beer with 30 ° IBU). “Master Brewer Delirium” less bitter adaptation.

Echinuco Fair, Oktoberfest Manquehue, and Paula Market, were the only occasions to taste this experimental variety outside the Brewery in Valdivia. In addition, visitors could enjoy a pleasant brewer moment with varieties: Gran Torobayo, Cranberry and Lager unfiltered in our Food Truck specially adapted for this occasion.