06 de July 2018

We welcome winter with the best recommendations for this season

It is time to close windows and turn on stove because winter is here to stay. Clearly, it is not a reason to stop enjoying, so in this cold season María Paz, our Development and Innovation Leader, brings the best recommendations so that you keep your body warm and share with the best partner.

María Paz, do you think that winter is a good time to enjoy a beer?

In fact, beer is always a good complement for any time. If we talk about ideal specialties for cold, it is clear we want to taste something different, enjoy slowly, never “dry”, that’s why we could say the higher alcohol content beers fit better, because they have the function of “heating body”, which is what we need in winter.

To you, which are the best beer styles nowadays?

In spite there are no exclusively winter beers, it is common to hear that black and embodied beers are good to deal with cold, such as, Stout, Porter or Strong, and it is correct. But there is another important variable: in colder seasons the alcoholic degrees also have effect, so for this season, beers with alcohols from 6.0% Volume are better, all colors and style varieties included.

Do all beers have to be frozen, what is the ideal temperature?

Most of the times we make the mistake of thinking that colder beers will feel better, which is not correct since styles vary. The ideal serving temperature fluctuates between 8 ° and 10 ° for medium intensity specialties, and between 14 ° and 16 ° for greater complexity beers or alcohol percentage.

What Kunstmann specialties do you recommend for this winter?

With “eyes closed” I would recommend Kunstmann Bock, Doppel-Bock, Gran Torobayo and Gran Lager. Although they are all different in terms of characteristics, but all of them are complex, a lot of malting and higher alcohol content (7.5% Vol. And Bock with 5.3% Vol.). These could be enjoyed near the chimney, with dinner, in friends meeting, among other special occasions, becoming such a desired warmth winter feeling. I cannot forget our seasonal beer Kunstmann Chocolate, specialty elaborated for this season, sweet and warm characteristics highlight, despite its low alcohol level.

What is the perfect pairing for these Kunstmann specialties?

The first rule is there are no rules for pairing. When we enter in this world, it should be with open mind without prejudices, with the desire to experiment or go along little-traveled roads. Based on this slogan, for specialties we previously mentioned, I recommend pairing with slow-cooking meats served with dried fruit sauces. For desserts I invite you to try those that include cream and chocolate, in general more caloric meals.

To finish, I want to specify that recommendations are ideal during this time, but it does not mean they cannot be consumed in spring or summer seasons, all depends on fan’s preference. The perfect beer is the one that invites you to drink other one.