21 de September 2018

We welcome spring with new Experimental Beer: Kunstmann Belgian Pale Ale

Ideal to say goodbye to winter and start enjoying early spring, our Brewmaster surprises us with this new specialty from the series of Experimental Beers: Kunstmann Belgian Pale Ale. A simple easy-drinking variety, lower hop content and richer in fruity flavors compared to English and American counterparts.

This type of beer arrival dates back to the mid-eighteenth century, a style improved after the Second World War, with great British influence who included noble hops and more specific yeast strains Specialty our Braumeister presents today is made with Pale (Light) and Caramel malts, Nugget hops, Hallertauer Tradition and Saaz, as well as yeast and soft Valdivian waters.

Tasting notes delivered by our expert indicate it is unfiltered beer, coppery amber and slightly opalescent color. In general, subtle aromas are perceived, classic of Belgian school, slightly spicy with stone fruits like peach and damask. It presents a mild bitterness and very well balanced with malts and the initial fruitiness.

Kunstmann Belgian Pale Ale is a light beer considered “for every day”, nothing should be too pronounced or prevails in ingredients of this variety. Alcohol content is 5.8 ° with low bitterness 18 IBU. Ideal serving temperature goes between 7 to 9 ° C, providing only 49.92 Kcal / 100 ml.

Pairing recommended are hamburgers or white meats, and green salads. If the occasion is a cocktail, it goes well with some medium intensity cheeses. For desserts, we invite you to taste pancakes with delicacy.