14 de May 2018

We welcome our delicious Kunstmann Chocolate

Thinking of all those looking for new experiences and sensations, we have news to brighten your warm afternoons. As our already tradition , when sun goes down and cold starts, our specialty of season also returns: Kunstmann Chocolate.

This fall-winter classic is made with seasonal ingredients. Unfiltered Porter type beer with touch of Dutch cocoa, making a full chocolate aroma. It also has flavor balanced between bitterness of hops and sweetness of malts.

Our Kunstmann Chocolate is characteristically a bodied specialty, which we fully recommend to those who enjoy a sweet break after meals. Its alcohol content reaches 5.0 ° and provides only 46 kcal in 100ml, ideal to weather seasonal cold and share with friends.

Our Master Brewer suggests to pair this specialty with long time cooking red meats at moderate temperature, which allow feeling deeper flavors. If the idea is to turn it on last, a dessert of walnut and blueberry kuchen is the best complement, since it leaves a placid sensation due to flavors and aromas combination.

We remind you it’s a seasonal specialty, so it will only be available during cold season. For this reason, it can be tasted in our Brewery Restaurant, Kneipe stores in Santiago and Valdivia, as well as supermarkets until September 2018.