03 de May 2018

We visited Brew-Dog Brewery and enjoyed a great Craft beer event in Scotland.

Alejandro Kunstmann’s journey through Europe continues, with the great mission of discovering new experiences and knowledge. This time, our Innovation and Development manager traveled to Scotland to visit BrewDog Brewery, where he could learn more about facilities of this world icon of CRAFT movement, he shared with local brewers and participated in # PunkAGM2018, the largest beer festival in the United Kingdom.

What struck you the most about your visit to Brew-Dog Brewery?

This is a very close-knit community. BrewDog is benchmark of CRAFT movement, so it was an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with other brewers. Undoubtedly, the most important to me is the motivation to be part of the world of specialties keeping the continuous innovation to achieve new beers.

How was the experience of participating in festival # PunkAGM2018 and what conclusions?

It was the ninth AGM version (Annual General Meeting), where about eight thousand fans of craft beer arrived to enjoy a wide variety of specialties, food and music. The main concept of this festival is the innovation and collaboration, which means support of various breweries and collaborative cooking.

Here, the CRAFT development has increased strongly even in countries marked by “classic” beer traditions. There is a sustained interest of people to taste new varieties, with character and, above all, to be part of this differentiated beer culture where there are no limits to experiments.

How do you see Chile in Craft culture development?

Chile has got a great progress. There is a growing development and we have many varieties with a quality improving every year, besides of many creative breweries in our country. Comparatively with Europe, I think we still have challenges in promoting the CRAFT world as a brewing community. In Europe there is a joint work and collaboration which is positive in the long term.

As a whole, what experience have you gained in this trip and how Kunstmann Brewery will continue to promote the Craft movement in Chile?

Undoubtedly, it has been an exciting trip where I have been able to share with many brewers in Europe. I think we really have the challenge of strongly promoting the passion for different beers, with character and differentiated. Also continue to work in the construction of a community that share the interest for innovation, where we can exchange experiences and knowledge that result in new varieties for all craft beer followers.