13 de March 2019

We reaffirm our commitment to the environment with #ChaoBombillas

We continue incorporating initiatives to favor the care of environment and we are happy to tell that, after joining the #chaobombillas campaign of Ministry of Environment, the Brewery is free of them, these fully replaced by paper bulbs in our cafeteria and restaurant services.

If we take impact in numbers, the average of bulbs used only at the Brewery Restaurant in Valdivia was 21 thousand per month. Today, we are proud because we can ensure we stopped with 252,000 of wastes that were used only once taking more than 200 years to decompose, making millions of marine species to die with plastic annually.

We are aware that plastic has become one of the most important enemies of environment, reaching 90% of garbage floating in the ocean. Therefore, we joint Comercial Aseo, a Valdivian company that distributes our ecological bulbs, which has the characteristic of being 100% compostable and biodegradable.

This, added to other permanent efforts in terms of recycling and waste treatment, have allowed to reduce waste generated over 80%, recycle supported by ”Mano Amiga company”, while the other 20% is delivered to municipal collection.