29 de March 2018

We keep innovating: Trip to the Old Continent to soak up new experiences

Innovation is the basis leading our Craft spirit, so we are always testing techniques and new ways to develop our specialties. In this context, we traveled to Europe to learn more about the most influential brewing schools worldwide, and visit the Barcelona Beer Festival 2018, the most important craft beer fair in Spain.

In the seventh version of this event, we had the opportunity to know around 500 different varieties of beers and participate in a series of activities, which included lectures, tastings, cooking with beer and pairings. Once the fair ended, we moved to Seville, where we explored the most modern brewery in the Old Continent and visited some Craft bars, the famous “Brew Dog” and “Napar”, among them.

To get the most out of our trip across the continent, we also visited several countries, like England, and its well-known London bars “Fuller’s or” The Anchor Pub “. While in Berlin, we wanted to learn more about the German beer culture and we toured traditional breweries like “Stones”, “Linderbrau”, “Weihentepanher”. This way we were able to obtain a general perspective of the craft market in Europe and feedback to deliver new experiences to all our beer fans.