28 de July 2017


On Monday, July 24, Valdivia became brewer headquarters in the country, specifically Kunstmann Brewery, where a group of brewers from different geographical areas met to elaborate a Collaborative Beer, and where each brand contributed with special ingredient which represented every brewer characteristic.

Brewing started in the morning once specialists, brand’s founders and brewer masters, elaborated special recipe that highlighted characteristics of each ingredient provided.

Cristóbal Homgren from Valle del Elqui and founder of Guayacán provided grape syrup from Chañar, a characteristic fruit from this northern region; Kevin Szot, founder of Szot Beers provided “chancaca” from Talagante, characteristic product in the sixth region; Carlos de Smet, D`olbek’s founder contributed with Belgian malts, characteristic of Patagonian beer; Mahina from Easter Island was represented by Mike Rapu, who contributed with the well-known pineapple produced in Rapa Nui, while Kunstmann was represented by Armin Kunstmann who provided German hops.

Most of founders and master brewers who participated in the creation of this collaborative beer had never met before, so it was a very special environment, said Armin Kunstmann, President and Founder of Kunstmann beer. He highlighted “as company we want not only to make beer, but feel responsibility to educate on beer field. If we can bring knowledge among peers, and also bring it to the entire interested community, we will be fulfilling this objective. And this initiative fulfilled all our expectations. “

He also added, “in this kind of activities we all learn from each other”, it’s an entertaining activity where everyone tells about their experience and contribute with something, which is reflected in final product. When I started, it would had been spectacular to have the opportunity to meet and receive the experience from master brewers with many years working. Today there are many experienced brewers, some started before and each one will take what is useful for him “.

On the other hand, Mike Rapu founder of Mahina, said “We feel very happy to be invited to participate in this initiative. We have are filled of knowledge and wisdom, we shared with very interesting people which motivates to continue elaborating our beers. We feel as Rapa Nui ambassadors, always seeking to develop a unique high quality product. “

After brewing, the group shared a beer tasting with workers of Brewery and then participated in a Brew Colloquium in the Barrel room at Brewery, where many interested visitors came to learn more about their experiences and shared with them.

This collaborative brewing continued with the maceration stage for about three months. Around one thousand liters would be tasted exclusively during “Barrel Tapping” celebration, the first version of Kunstmann event carried out on October 26, 27 and 28 at the brewery, where something news was that same workers who made the beer attended visitors.