08 de May 2018

We attended the largest craft brewers meeting in America: The Craft Brewers Conference & Brew-Expo America

From Monday, April 30, and until Thursday, May 3, we participated in the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) and BrewExpo America, the most important international beer conference of industry. Therefore, we traveled to the city of Nashville, Tennessee in the United States, to share with thousands of attendees, from small producers to large CRAFT brewing world representatives.

The CBC promotes the exchange of experiences and ideas which allow us to continue with the innovation, as well as knowing and enjoying new craft beer varieties, which will undoubtedly be inspiration. In this opportunity, more than 15 thousand people attended the conference and around 800 exhibitors, as we did not want to be absent, we attended different courses and seminars on elaboration techniques and new practices to be able to deliver new experiences to all our fans.

Armin Kunstmann, who led the representative group, said that “the continuous search for experimentation takes him to leave Chile to and inspiration to create new specialties. We are very happy to be able to participate again in the CBC, the most important Craft beer fair in the world, where actors from all beer sector meet, including suppliers, distributors and producers. This allows us to share our experience and learn more about other experiences worldwide”.

Besides of attending the conference, we also had the opportunity to meet the founder and former Brewers Association president, Charlie Papazian, close Kunstmann friend and author of “The Joy of Home brewing”, work that inspired Armin to start making our beer for first time. On that occasion, we could share our Craft Brewery culture views and took the advantage of tasting the latest family specialty, our Kunstmann Gran Lager.

We invite you to see some pictures of our visit to Nashville!