29 de March 2018

Valdivia has its own Kunstmann Kneipe!

Official opening of third Kunstmann Kneipe beer bar will take place next Thursday, April 5, in Isla Teja, in our beloved Valdivia. We want everyone to be part of Kunstmann experience so we will open a new place with a fully innovative format, so that fans can taste our specialties.

Kneipe means tavern in German and it is what we want to communicate with this new bar, a space mixing culture and passion, where visitors can meet and enjoy a nice environment. We will have our 16 specialties and four invited craft breweries; Guayacán from the Coquimbo Region, Szot from central zone, D’olbeck from Coyhaique and, to promote local development, one belonging to Union Brewer in Los Ríos (U.C.R)

This place will have its own version including scenario for Kunstmann On-Tap activities, with live music, beer tastings and pairings. Additionally, two areas for smokers and, of course, a smoke-free place will be available. As for gastronomy, the mail menu will be meals to share and pair with specialties, such as traditional raw meats, pizzas, picadillos, tables, including delicious house burgers and sandwiches.

Our President and founder, Mr. Armin Kunstmann will be present that day with his son Cristóbal Kunstmann, they will held conversation related to this new concept of brewing bar and the development of Craft culture in our country. Beer master from Kneipe Santiago, Christopher Villarroel, and Gabriel Blazewicz from Bariloche will be present. Kapitol rockers, recent participants of Lollapalooza festival 2018, will host the event.

The new Kunstmann Kneipe beer bar will be located on 60 Saelzer Street, Isla Teja. Opening hours will be from Monday throughout Thursday from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM, while on Fridays and Saturdays will be from 12:30 PM to 02:00 AM.