21 de September 2018

Responsible consumption: On 18 national celebration Kunstmann alcohol-free is fully enjoyed Because original Lager formula is preserved!

We want everyone to be part of national celebrations, sharing with friends and enjoy with loved ones. Therefore, we invite those who cannot or do not want to drink alcohol to taste our Kunstmann Lager alcohol-free, a balanced specialty that for brewer fans who have already tasted, is not easy to be distinguished from other traditional specialties.

Aromatic with notes of vegetal, it makes a good complement between flavor and bitterness. The absence of alcohol is almost not perceived, so it is ideal for designated drivers to make a toast these holidays without fault.

“The idea is no one to be deprived of drinking a good beer, either because of driving, doing sports or those pregnant women. This specialty preserves the original formula of Kunstmann Lager”, says our founder, Armin Kunstmann.

Same as the first family specialty, it is made with Pale malts and Caramel, German Hops “Hallertauer Tradition” and Lager yeast. Medium-bodied foam in mouth, good feature and long ending, which make it a very easy beer to drink. The ideal serving temperature is between 4 and 7 ° C., while bitterness reaches the 16 IBU.

For pairing, our Brewmaster Lutz Herdtle recommends tasting with white or lean meats such as chicken, goose or rabbit, where fat content is low (less than 10% fat per 100 grams of meat), it is also ideal to accompany dishes with smoked or fresh preparations that have lemon based dressings.