09 de November 2017

Premiere: A new specialty added to our family! Kunstmann Gran Lager

In the following documentary look our trip in search of the best malts to elaborate our new specialty, Kunstmann Gran Lager:

Official launch of new Kunstmann Gran Lager was a great celebration, where we opened our house in Valdivia for three days, so fans can join us in the traditional barrel tapping of this specialty which becomes the number 16 of the family.

But not everything started here. In Kunstmann each variety represents an inspiration process which led us to visit the cradle of brewing tradition in Germany and Belgium, searching for the best ingredients to produce a very pure product at higher level. As result of this experimentation, the new Gran Lager is a classic German beer, with high alcohol and malt content level.

Two types of malts were used in thiz elaboration; Pilsen from Germany and Château Pale Ale from Belgium, which combined with Saaz hops, Lager yeast and Valdivian soft water allowed us to elaborate this unique and special variety. The new Kunstmann Gran Lager has 7.5 ° alcohol content and a bitterness 21 IBU.

A bright yellow color, slightly orange and white foam. Aromatic malts outstand; sweet fragrances, baked pastries, a hoppy taste aroma which only keeps balance in the nose. Notes of nuts and almond-like aftertaste are perceived in mouth, with dry end and low alcoholic level. As for its pairing, it is good to serve with roast pork or sausages. For dessert, strudel or roasted fruits.

We like everything surrounding a new specialty. Here, Grand Lager is an excellent beer as result of experimentation. We feel it is just the beginning.
Learn more about all technical issues of this new variety in:  http://dev.cerveza-kunstmann.cl/en/cervezas/gran-lager/