17 de May 2018

Our Brewmeister surprises again launching new Experimental Beer

We are passionate about innovating with techniques and ingredients to continuously bring new experiences to our fans. Now, our Brewmaster Lutz Herdtle and his team present an IPA alternative, but with stamp of American and Czech hops of our new specialties: Valdivia Pale Ale.

We have already experienced several India Pale Ale alternatives, so we know the history and how alcohol and hops provide striking characteristics. This new variety is a light amber beer, unfiltered and well defined white foam. Its herbal and fruit notes are provided by varieties of hops used and Dry Hopping technique. In the mouth, soft at the beginning but finally a very well balanced bitterness with sweet notes of malt.

For our Valdivia Pale Ale preparation, we use soft Valdivian water, barley malts (blonde, caramel, münich), 4 different types of hops (Citra, Columbus, Saaz and Cascade) and Lager yeast. It has 6.5 ° of alcohol, bitterness level reaches the 44 IBU with only 55.34 Kcal / 100 ml.

Same as all of our specialties, it is ideal to serve with meals and desserts. It fits very well with medium intensity cheeses, seasoned and spicy foods or slightly spicy. We recommend to finish with fruit cake and apple desserts.

Valdivia Pale Ale will be subject to available stocks and can be enjoyed as schop in our restaurant in Valdivia and Kunstmann Kneipe bars in Isla Teja and Santiago.