09 de October 2018

Oktoberfest takes possession of our Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars

We are celebrating the Craft culture passion, so we want all beer fans to take part of this great party. October is the beer month and, as tradition, we are present with our 16 specialties, celebrating with discounts, tastings, events and collaborative brewing in our different Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars and, of course, at Valdivia Brewery.

Worldwide, the Oktoberfest origin dates back to 19th century, while in Chile it began to emerge as of 2005. This great festival dedicated to German beer is significant to us, since our family is heir to German settlers who arrived in Los Rios Region in 1852, so it is very important to keep this legacy alive, sharing and having fun around the beer.

We invite you to celebrate this Oktoberfest as part of Kunstmann experience. During every Monday of this month we will have a different beer with special discounts in 500 cc schop format. While, between Friday 12 and Saturday 13 October, our specialty Cranberry will be protagonist with special tastings and a 15% discount in schop and filling growlers.

Finally, we let you know we will conclude this beer month with a massive party in our lovely city of Valdivia. On November 2nd and 3rd we will open our house again to provide thousands of liters of beer, so that all beer lovers can enjoy our specialties, typical cuisine and live music.