28 de August 2019


We continue with new experiences and we want all beer fans to be part of it. This time we bring news about our unique and renowned Kunstmann Torobayo, with a new 500 cc format, allowing enjoying even more this pioneer specialty.

This new format incorporated to our traditional 330 cc bottles, with all characteristics of this variety considered icon of craft beers in CHILE, preserves the special bright amber color, the fruity peach aromas and the balanced and caramelized bitterness.

This innovation seeks to continue spreading our history and Valdivia beer’s tradition. Label illustrates traditional Kunstmann beer carriage driven by Otto and Fritz, our percherones since we started, both placed at the noble sector Torobayo, a most see visit for those who come to Los Ríos Region, the area where La Cervecería is located.

Same as bottle, our 500cc Kunstmann Torobayo is elaborated with pale and caramel malts, and Hallertauer Tradition hops. Bitterness is 12 IBU with alcoholic graduation 5.0º.

To be part of this experience, the new format can only be found in alcohol point of sales like alcohol sale stores and minimarkets.