18 de August 2017

Not only black beers for winter time, New Monthly Madness: Kunstmann Winter Special Lager 2.0

The winter continues and our master brewer surprise us again with a new madness. This “Winter Special Lager” is a great character unfiltered beer, ideal for these cold days. With interesting pale malts and caramel combination, refuting that only black beers are for this time.

Pleasant on the palate, sweet aromas and flavors, almond notes perfectly balanced with bitterness of Saaz hops highlight. Winter Special Lager 2.0 has a high alcohol content (7.8 °), provides 66 Kcal per 100 ml and only 16 IBU bitterness.

This new BrewMaster Delirium, like all our specialties, is ideal to share on special occasions. It is a good option to serve with grilled meats or hamburgers. Also, our specialist recommends tasting white cheddar cheese or passion fruit custard during dessert.

This Winter Special Lager is subject to availability in schop format at the Brewery restaurant in Valdivia, or at the new Kunstmann Kneipe beer bar in Santiago’s Bellavista neighborhood.