07 de August 2018

New alliance was signed with VLB Berlin Institute to continue specializing

We are happy to tell you about our great step taken in July. In order to continue to ensure quality and improving development of Kunstmann specialties, we signed agreement with Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei, known as Beer Institute for Research and Education in Berlin (VLB), the world’s leading in the industry analysis and expert training.

Therefore, we are the first Chilean brewery to enter this select circle of the VLB members, which will allow us to learn, collaborate and share both technical and general world beer knowledge. Our first joint work was training at the brewery, focused on process quality and sale points.

On the other hand, this partnership agreement will allow us to further professionalize training to specialists, through courses taught by teachers of Institute. In this area, our new Commercial leader, Alejandro Kunstmann, completed his development externship course at the VLB, certifying as Master Brewer which led to sign this collaboration agreement.