07 de November 2018

More than 5 thousand people joined our “Kunstmann Open Haus”

Last holiday weekend we welcomed the brewing season in southern Chile with a great event. Thousands of fans came to our brewery in Valdivia to attend the “Kunstmann Open Haus” celebration, they enjoyed our 16 specialties for two days being protagonists of new experimental variety barrel tapping.

More than 5 thousand fans arrived from different places in the country to taste our beers. The main characteristic of this iconic Craft culture festival was that visitors were received by brewery’s collaborators and led by our founder Armin Kunstmann, they shared and talked about characteristics of each specialty available in the large Brewery bar.

Among the great surprises prepared to those who came to our house were two drawings by lot of one year of free beer. We also wanted to thank visitors, making them to participate in barrel tapping of new experimental variety, especially prepared for this occasion: Kunstmann Amber Fest.

While beer was protagonist in this full celebration, fans enjoyed live music by renowned artists like DJ Drummer, the Valdivian band La Teruka, and national groups Juana Fe, Tomo Como Rey, Combo Chabela and Los Chumbekes. Also, they could taste different sweet and savory dishes in Food Trucks available to them.

At the end of the event, Armin Kunstmann thanked all visitors for coming. “For second consecutive year we wanted to celebrate the start of a new brewing season, and nothing better to celebrate than opening our house. These instances allow us to strengthen relationships with all beer lovers, so you can live a new experience both to enjoy all our specialties and know people behind of every elaboration process. Certainly, we achieved our objective and we look forward to meet you next year to continue sharing Craft culture. “