28 de August 2019

Beer tastings took Kunstmann Kneipe bars

Our Craft spirit encourages us to spread beer culture among all our artisan specialties fans. That’s why we started to develop tastings and pairings periodically at the Kunstmann Kneipe bars, as our commitment to transmit our passion for beer.

With tastings we want you to learn more and value the characteristics of our varieties. Here, sight, smell and taste are measurement tools. There are different ways of doing this type of activity and our aim is the entertaining and interactive learning, meeting with friends and other people. So, being able to identify and recognize beer properties after tasting.

Our brewing specialists are 100% trained to teach about correct beer tasting. They mention there are five basic steps in a beer tasting:

Serve: Top frothing is important, so you must tip the glass 45º and raise bottle enough to make foam to disappear. Please note that for wheat beers is usual to stir bottom since yeasts provide interesting aromas in these varieties.

Shake: Circular movement will allow every aromas of beer to appear. It is because volatile compounds enclosed in bubbles will surface, allowing them to be detected by smell.

Smell: according to our experts 95% of tasting experience is by smelling. The right is to inspire a few quickly and only by nose, then open mouth, finally inspiring only with mouth. Aromas in a beer come from malted cereals (roasted aromas, caramel, coffee, cocoa, etc.), hops (citrus, fruity, floral aromas, etc.) and yeast (spice, bread, earth aromas, cheese, etc.).

Look:  Now we must observe some characteristics like color of beer, foam, particles, among others.

Try: In this last and more entertaining step, you can detect appearances like body, texture, carbonation and flavor duration of beers. We must separate them in three parts, entry on palate, passage through taste buds and aftertaste.

We invite you to share our social networks and look at Kunstmann Kneipe bars, where we promote upcoming tastings. Do not miss this beer experience!