23 de June 2017

Kunstmann Strong Ale, new BrewMaster Delirium special for winter.

A new Brew  Master Delirium was incorporated to Brewery in Valdivia and  Kunstmann Kneipe Beer Bar in Santiago, the Kunstmann Strong Ale, a classic English style beer, high alcohol content (8,5º of alcohol) and 31 Bitterness IBU; Ideal for this year season.

This brewer madness was elaborated with water, barley malts (blonde, munich, chateau pale ale, caramel and chocolate), Kent Golding and Fuggles hops and high fermentation yeast. The result: was a dark brown beer with persistent foam, sweet aromas of caramel, toffee and nuts, red apple notes and slightly fruity. Sweet taste prevails on the palate due to a great combination of malts, bitterness base provides balance to this low carbonation beer.

It could be alternative to serve with meals or just taste after dinner. This unfiltered variety has a maltose richness which provides complexity and tasting experience, characteristic of “Brew Master Delirium”.