22 de August 2018

Kunstmann fans shared their first joint cooking at Kunstmann Kneipe Bar Bellavista

Kunstmann beer’s passionate group of fans shared a new brewing experience participating in their first collaborative cooking for frequent customers of Kunstmann Kneipe bar Bellavista. This kind of initiatives have the aim to allow beer lovers to expand brewery knowledge, as well as learning about production process on site.

The activity took place in our pilot Brewery duly arranged and led by our brewing master Christopher Villarroel, who explained in detail steps to cook beer. Elaboration technique applied was the stepped maceration, where process temperatures changes, allowing enzymes to extract better sugars and proteins from malt, assuring greater body and alcoholic specialty level.

They used, in this occasion, Pale, Caramel, Chocolate and Toast malts, Columbus hops, Hallertauer, Saaz and Ale yeast. In this way, the expected result is a Stout type variety, with between 5.5 and 6% alcohol level and 35 IBU bitterness. This experiment will remain fermenting and maturing in same bar. We expect it to be ready early October to be tasted with same participants of this first collaborative cooking in special tasting event.