27 de July 2018

Kunstmann Altbier: New Experimental Beer brings the old German elaboration

The main characteristic that defines Craft culture is the continued experimentation with ingredients and techniques to develop specialties. Under this philosophy, our Master Brewer returns to innovate and impress all fans with a perfectly balanced variety, elaborated with old German technique, belonging to our line of Experimental Beers: Kunstmann Altbier.

This is a traditional beer from Düsseldorf and Nierderrhein region in Germany. Its name “Altbier” means ancient beer and refers to traditional production style, using high fermentation yeasts in cooking. Coppery color and slight turbidity specialty due to unfiltered characteristic, with persistent and generous white foaming.

The new experimental specialty is made of Light, Munich and Chocolate barley malts, three varieties of hops (Mount Hood, Hallertauer Tradition and Saaz), Ale type yeast and, of course, the best Valdivian soft water. Alcohol content reaches 6.4% Vol. and 32 IBU bitterness level which means about 54 Kca/100 ml.

Tasting notes provided by our experts highlight presence of sweet aromas, caramel and baked bread types, perfectly balanced with subtle essence of spicy hops. In mouth, grain and sweetness touches with persistent bitterness, but very pleasant for this style of beers, are strongly perceived. As for pairing, this beer is perfect to serve with pork meats and grilled sausages, aged gouda cheese and, for dessert, a walnut and almond cakes.