13 de October 2016

IPA 65, new BrewMaster Delirium in Echinuco Fair and Oktoberfest Manquehue

Between September 30 and October 3 we participated in two important events in Santiago: Echinuco 2016 Fair and Manquehue Oktoberfest.

The great news that got attention of visitors, was the IPA 65 launching, a “BrewMaster Delirium” named after its 65th IBU (International Bitterness Unit, for its acronym in English). These “Delirios” are experimental lines for certain time, so it is important to note that it is the first time it is sold outside of Brewery, in Valdivia. As unfiltered beer, the IPA 65 has a slightly cloudy appearance, much like unfiltered Lager, but with a more orange tone. It is elaborated with three types of hops (Cascade, Citra and Columbus) making a pleasant fruity aroma and high bitterness compared to the rest of our specialties. Together with this “Brew Master Delirium” all the beer fans could choose and enjoy other 3 of our 14 specialties: Torobayo, Lager and Bock which belong to our “Pioneer Family”, because they were our first beers. Other news presented at the Echinuco Fair was our Kunstmann Food Truck with a striking yellow color and specially conditioned to taste beers.

In the middle of the month, we will be present at Mercado Paula, between October 13 and 16. We are waiting for you to enjoy our varieties Torobayo, Lager and Boch and exclusively, the new “Brew Master Delirium”, our IPA 55!