04 de December 2018

Hops and malt: The new experimental Beer protagonists: Kunstmann Braun IPA

Innovation and experimentation are part of our DNA, which is well demonstrated by team of Brewery specialists. In this opportunity they wanted to surprise with new Experimental Beers line specialty, elaborating variety which comes from IPAs group, a bit more hoppy and maltose: Kunstmann BraunIPA.

The Indian Pale Ale style (IPA) has increasing variants depending on the alcohol (Session or Imperial) or types of malts used. These generate differentiated profiles and colors in the final product: White IPA, Red IPA or Brown IPA. In this case, our experimental is a light brown beer, slightly opaque by presence of yeasts. Fresh hop aroma is typical in Dry Hopping technique, where idea is to highlight fruity and refreshing profile.

This experimental brewing included four different types of malts, Rubia, Caramelo, Munich and Chocolate; three varieties of hops: Citra, Cascade and Saaz; besides of our Valdivian soft water. Among characteristics are the 6.5 ° alcohol level, 50 IBU, the classic IPA bitterness. Serving temperature between 7 to 10 ° C providing only 54 Kcal / 100ml.

According to tasting notes from our Braumeister, it has a malty sweetness in mouth, in contrast with intense bitterness and soft and dry ending. This new experimental is ideal to pair with meats like pork or grilled burgers and medium intensity cheeses. For dessert, carrot cake or crème brûlée.

We invite you to join this new experience! The Kunstmann BraunIPA will be available in limited form and only in schop format in our Kunstmann Kneipe breweries in Bellavista and Ñuñoa in Santiago, Isla Teja and La Cervecería de Valdivia.