02 de August 2018

Higher alcoholic level and more hops: In the IPA Day we celebrate the Craft Movement Queen

As every first Thursday of August, millions of beer fans are preparing to celebrate the IPA Day worldwide, a celebration promoted by craft beer fans, bloggers and producers since 2011. Chile is not indifferent about this party and we want to commemorate it highlighting our icon specialty of experimentation with hops: Kunstmann Session IPA.

This family variety is an unfiltered beer, elaborated with three hops under dry hopping technique, which is an addition of this dry fruit that enhances aromas and contributes to increase the style sensitive experience. It has fruity notes, certain citrus touches and more bitterness. For elaboration we used Ale yeast, Pale and Munich malts, and Columbus, Citra and Cascade hops. Bitterness reaches the 50 IBU with 5 ° G.L alcohol content.

This Indian Pale Ale beer style (IPA) is the most representative of Craft movement, as it is a totally contrary variety to what is known as Lager or Stout beer. It is bitter, with high alcohol content and unique hops in composition. Its origin dates back to the 17th century when the British commercialized beers in the East Indies, where it was necessary to add more hops to preparations, since their qualities allowed to conserve for long boat trips across the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Currently none IPA is equal to other one, but some styles recognized worldwide, such as English IPA, mother of all IPA created at the end of 1700, where alcohol and hops highlighted. American IPA, is presented as the English IPA American version, according to experts with less character of ingredients. While, Double IPA is an American IPA with higher bitterness and alcoholic level.  There is a long list of varieties like; Belgian IPA, West Coast American IPA, Vermont IPA, Black IPA, Whiter IPA, Brown IPA, Network IPA, Rye IPA, IPA Argenta, Sour IPA.