27 de June 2018

Growlers Kunstmann: Fresh draught beer at home

Our Craft spirit leads to continuous innovation to provide fans of different experiences. So, we want to highlight the Growlers Kunstmann line, bottles allowing an easy carry option for fresh beer from our locations to the comfort at home.

The word Growler comes from the sound of bottle uncorking. These bottles, available in 1, 2 and 3 liters format, allow storing beer up to seven days in cooling place, as they have ceramic lid with hermetically sealed system protecting content from the outside.

We invite you to try this experience, the most comfortable way to continue enjoying any of our 16 specialties at home. Kunstmann Growlers can be purchased and refilled in Brewerly and Isla Teja Kneipe bar in Valdivia, or Kneipe bars in Barrio Bellavista or Ñuñoa in Santiago.