30 de January 2019

From Valdivia to the world: Find our souvenirs in Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars

We want to share our beer passion with all fans of Craft specialties. Therefore, we strive for Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars to be true "embassies" of Valdivia Brewery, not only to enjoy our 16 specialties but also to find variety of our souvenirs with unique designs and made with great dedication in Valdivia.

We invite you to be part of this Kunstmann experience and discover different products inspired by our Craft origin and spirit. We offer the most traditional souvenirs, such as, German fedora, beer glasses, herons and large bottles, shirts, aprons and key rings with 100% Valdivia fun beer designs.

We make sure to select fine glasses and cups, created especially to drink beer, sketched by ourselves at The Brewery and imported directly from Germany. Our bottles are also brought from Europe, which have crab type closure system, with ceramic lid and exchangeable rubber that allows to keep longer any of our specialties in perfect condition.

Learn more about our souvenirs visiting Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars Bellavista and Ñuñoa in Santiago, Kunstmann Kneipe Viña del Mar, Kunstmann Kneipe Isla Teja, and of course at the Brewery Valdivia, which will allow you to remember a good time forever.