11 de July 2018

First collaborative cooking in Argentine!

Seeking to deliver new experiences to all our followers, we decided to cross Los Andes Mountain Range and prepare a new collaborative cooking. Our innovative spirit led us to our brewery in Bariloche, Argentine, where we invited local beer producers to participate in this activity that represents Craft culture.

This way, every guest had the mission to contribute in the cooking. Some included a representative ingredient, others helped in grinding of malts and adding components to cooker. After elaboration process, brewers led by Armin Kunstmann, shared a friendship moment with a good beer. They talked about Craft movement and each one had the opportunity to present their different products.

This collaborative beer made of 40% wheat, besides of Pilsen and Munich malts, will be American Wheat style, defined as light to medium body, with alcohol content between 5.5 and 6.0% Vol.

To balance sweetness of malts and the spongy wheat sensation, Argentine hops from El Bolson were used: Nugget, Cascade, Victoria and Mapuche, which will provide bitterness which could vary between the 22 and 25 IBU.

Tasting will be ready by mid-August, to be enjoyed only as schop in our restaurant The Brewery and the new beer bar Kunstmann Kneipe Bariloche, in Argentine.