03 de June 2019

Cloudy, fruity and silky: our new experimental Hazy IPA

Brewery team led by our founder, Armin Kunstmann, attended the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) We are passionate about sharing Craft culture with every beer fans, that´s why our Brewer Master is responsible to constantly surprise us with new specialties, which are part of our line Experimental Beers. May and June was turn of Kunstmann Hazy IPA, a very hoppy and marked turbidity variety.

According to characteristics provided by Brewer Master, it’s a beer which belongs to Indian Pale Ale line, which despite its high level of hops, is a little bitter and silky fruity, that’s why the sensation of Craft beer lovers worldwide. Also known as “Juicy”, due to its cloudy nature provided by addition of wheat and oat flakes, besides of strong fruity and citrus aroma by the use of Dry Hopping technique.

For our Kunstmann Hazy IPA the innovation team used three types of malts: Pale, Munich and Wheat, three varieties of hops: Citra, Yellow and the American Summit, Ale yeast and – specially added – oat flakes with barley. Among its characteristics, this experimental specialty has alcoholic graduation of 5.5º with 50 IBU, providing 50 kcal / 100ml.

Tasting notes provided by our expert indicate it as pale amber beer, of great turbidity and white foam. Soft and easy drinking texture perceived in mouth, since in spite the high bitterness, sensation is quite minor due to late dosing of hops. For pairing, breaded or fried foods are recommended, such as fish and chips. They can also be grilled meats with barbecue sauce or curry preparations in all their colors.

This variety will be available in a limited way in schop format, in our “La Cervecería” restaurant in Valdivia, and Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars Isla Teja, Bellavista, Ñuñoa and Viña del Mar.