21 de March 2019

We’ve got a new 2 liters Kunstmann Growler!

Innovation is part of our essence, and now we want to share with you an innovative format of the well-known containers for fresh beer transport, fresh from barrel without losing quality, characteristic of our specialties: the new 2 liters Kunstmann Growler.

Like 1 and 3 liters formats, this growler integrates porcelain crab-like lid, with fully hermetic closure allowing better preservation of contents, with thicker and darker glass, to prevent that changes of light and temperature affect quality of our specialties.

This bottle allows a cold-storage up to seven days. If you do not want to lose temperature, we have “growler carriers” thermal bags available that keep cold beers for journeys. Regarding the design, we imported container from Germany and made illustration recovering our emblematic and icon Kunstmann carriage

We invite you to share this experience and continue enjoying our 16 specialties in comfort at home. Growlers can be bought and refilled in our restaurant The Brewery in Valdivia, or in any of our Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars, Isla Teja, Barrio Bellavista or Ñuñoa in Santiago and the new Kneipe Viña del Mar.