19 de December 2018

Kunstmann Masterclass: We turned Kneipe bars into academies to promote beer culture

One of our pillars is to promote Craft culture among brewers and invite fans to this experience. So, different brewery Masterclasses were carried out at Kunstmann Kneipe bars to expand knowledge of industry and learn more about history and recognize different styles.

Theoretical-practical activity was led by beer specialists from each bar. After completing introduction, the beer culture is learned through guided tastings, expecting to have make a difference from existing beer schools.

Masterclass ends with blind tasting, where participants should be able to recognize school and style of every specialty. Eight national and international beers are tasted in this activity, mainly focused to frequent customers directly enrolled at Kunstmann Kneipe bars in Valdivia and Santiago.

Join this new Kunstmann experience and surprise your friends with your wide beer knowledge!