10 de June 2019

Chocolate Hops, Malts and Cocoa: We celebrate Return of our Kunstmann Chocolate

When days began to be shorter and scarves appeared, it is a sign of the return of our classic seasonal specialty: Kunstmann Chocolate. Ideal for cold winter evenings, it combines the best of a craft beer, with the quintessential ingredient of this era due to its high energy power, cocoa.

Our innovation team developed a perfectly balanced variety between sweetness of the malts and bitterness of hops. Its protagonist, Dutch cocoa was especially chosen by Kunstmann Brewmaster since structure has a lower acidity, allowing to provide better properties to beer avoiding citrus notes. This is integrated at the end of process to enhance aroma and essence.

Our Kunstmann Chocolate is an unfiltered Porter style specialty of ALE family (high fermentation). It has alcoholic graduation of 5.0º and its bitterness level reaches 15 IBU, the ideal serving temperature ranges between 8 – 10ºC and provides only – 45 Kcal / 100 ml.

This seasonal beer is result of a continuous search to bring new experiences to all beer fans. Our founder, Armin Kunstmann, wanted to elaborate this unique specialty, which represents the characteristics of a very predominant time of his native Valdivia, the winter.

We invite you to find it mainly in supermarkets Líder and Jumbo. Besides, you can taste it in schop format in our classic restaurant The Brewery in Valdivia, and Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars in Isla Teja, Bellavista, Ñuñoa and Viña del Mar.