24 de December 2018

Kunstmann X1: We revived and bottled the best experimental beer of year

We want to introduce the new Kunstmann X1 to deliver innovative experiences and thank preference of brewers.

Specialty positioned as the best experimental beer of the year arising after success among brewers. Today we want to bring it back and bottle for first time, so all have the possibility to taste it.

It’s the experimental specialty, Valdivia Pale Lager, last May offered at Kneipe beer bars Santiago and Valdivia, where beer on tap was quickly sold with the best praise from visitors. The “X1” concept represents our Craft spirit, the desire to constantly innovate and a pioneer category in this experience.

To those who have not tasted, it is a light amber tone and clearly defined foam unfiltered IPA variety, with herbal and fruit notes provided by hop varieties and dry hopping technique used. In mouth, soft beginning and well balanced bitterness ending with sweet touches of malt.

Valdivian soft waters, barley malts (blonde, caramel, münich), 4 different types of hops (Citra, Columbus, Saaz and Cascade) and Lager yeast are used for this elaboration. It has a 6.5 ° alcohol, bitterness level reaches 44 IBU providing only 55.34 Kcal / 100 ml.

Only 5,000 bottles of 330cc will be available for sale in six packs.  Distribution will be only in Kunstmann Kneipe Bars Santiago, Isla Teja and the Brewery in Valdivia.

You cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy again our selected best experimental beer of the year. We will wait for you!