19 de June 2019

First solar-energy charging terminal for electric bicycles in Valdivia

Last Tuesday, June 18th, the first charging station for bicycles and solar energy electrical transports was officially inaugurated in Valdivia. This initiative is part of our purpose of being friendly to environment by reducing carbon footprint, as well as helping to spread Brewery’s route T-350, favoring around 200,000 inhabitants and our thousands of visitors every year.

Project which was carried out jointly with Los Rios Productive Investment Support (IPRO) CORFO program, positions us as the first non-electric company to develop this kind of sustainable initiative, being part of a greater desire seeking to connect the entire city through cycle paths.

Various regional authorities attended this ceremony, Carlos Riquelme Caro, Director of Development in Los Rios, and of course, our founder Armin Kunstmann, who stated “we seek to encourage the use of alternative transport with renewable energy by making available this innovative infrastructure to neighbors, tourists and our employees. We want to improve life quality for people in Valdivia, contributing to gas emission reduction and improving mobility conditions in the city.”

Electromobility is an international trend and Chile has joined it in the recent years, positioning our country as one of the world leaders in energy reuse. “Investment in buses, cars, scooters and electric bicycles currently in Valdivia, make us a friendly city to environment. We support this type of initiatives since they are aligned with our motivation to be the change in the Region” said Riquelme, Director of Development in Los Ríos.

The new terminal is located close to our plant and La Cervecería restaurant, in the zone of Torobayo, where you can recharge electric bicycles, cell phones and low consumption electronic objects. It is provided of twelve solar panels with lithium battery, storing an energy of 7,200 watts / hour.

We invite you to visit us and know about this innovation!