02 de May 2019

Kunstmann participated in CBC: the most important international brewers’ conference held in America

Brewery team led by our founder, Armin Kunstmann, attended the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) held between April 8 and 11 in Denver, the capital of Colorado in the United States. The international event organized by Brewers Association, where we participate, was visited by more than 14 thousand attendees, most of them representatives of the main Craft movement worldwide.

The first CBC was carried out in 1996, growing massively in scope and scale over the years. This latest edition presented nearly 100 seminars and a wide range of specialized speakers from the industry. Simultaneously, the BrewExpo America was carried out, the main fair for craft brewers, with more than 700 exhibitors, a great opportunity for professionals to meet and buy the latest products and services in the industry.

So, we highlight the importance of being able to participate of a great opportunity like this, it confirms we are doing in our country is aligned with Craft market worldwide. “For example, our actions and innovations aim at bringing new experiences to consumers through constant experimentation, sustainability is also a main focus. Another relevant aspect is that it is a good opportunity to meet new possibly replicable initiatives, in terms of Packaging and design lines, ”said Armin.

For this version, more than 50 Latin American breweries attended the fair, demonstrating the great development of this industry in the region. Our team had the opportunity to share with fair founder and former president of the Association of Brewers, Charlie Papazian, as well as visiting the main breweries in Denver and surroundings, in order to taste new beers and exchange experiences.