30 de May 2019

We are committed to the 3R: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

We are excited to tell we have updated beer map and started to spread craft culture among Peruvian For a long time, May became a special month, where a continued struggle for environmental care is commemorated. Therefore, every year we join the celebration of World Recycling Day, since we have made a commitment to environmental and its resources protection.

Therefore, we want to share actions we have developed and aims reached, in order to reduce our impact on ecosystem.

Ecological bottles

During 2018 we joined the initiative led by Cristalerias Chile, we incorporated Ecoglass technology to all our 330cc bottles. During this period saving was 381 tons of glass waste, equivalent to reduce transport of 20 Kunstmann trucks.

Technology implemented allows reducing weight of each container by 14%, containing 25% of recycled glass. The differences are almost imperceptible to brewers and as bottles are lighter, containers with larger volume can be completed, which decreases carbon emission in production and transport concepts.

Water Usage

We know about the importance of water in brewing, since they are composed between 90 and 93% of water. We are fortunate to have one of the purest finite resources in the world, valdivian soft water which allows us to elaborate unique specialties.

In this area, we are proud to tell you that we continue to reduce water consumption in production process, even exceeding our proposed target for 2019. Last year we reached usage of 4.1 liters of water to elaborate 1,000 ml of beer, while currently we are using only 3.9 liters for the elaboration of specialties, under the 4 liters proposed for 2019, and quite below the minimum world class range in the use of water for this purpose

Also, we have recently taken several measures to identify the areas of greatest impact on consumption and identification of clean waters recovery. For example, water use to clean bottles is reused for cleaning industrial liquid residues treatment plant, exterior floors, truck washing, among others. While water used for seals cooling in brewing room pumps, is recycled and reused in boiler, cleaning and supplying area.

Waste management

Our commitment to care for the environment motivates us to be aware of waste generation, both for process, as well as at The Brewery Restaurant and Kunstmann Kneipe bars. Therefore, supported by all relevant areas, we managed to separate and classify each element in the origin production, reaching 99% of all waste originated.

Thanks to the formerly indicated, we compost with help of Mano Amiga Company from Valdivia, used in our garden where we harvest our products to supply restaurant, in addition to using rainwater for irrigation, transforming it into a 100% sustainable space.

Sustainable campaigns

Early this year, we joined the #ChaoBombillas initiative, and stopped disposing of hundreds of thousands of plastic waste from the cafeteria and The Brewery Restaurant in Valdivia, and bars in different cities of the country. We also made important change of ecological napkins, made with 100% recycled paper and fully biodegradable.