10 de June 2019

From Masters to Brewer Judges!

Two of our bright minds in charge of the elaboration of Kunstmann specialties traveled to Costa Rica, to continue improving and further Craft culture promotion among fans. Today, we are proud to tell we have two new Beer Judges in our team who are certified by the Beer Judge Certification Program, BJCP.

They are specialist Lutz Herdtle and María Paz Calderón our leader on innovation, who not only participate deliberating in bear cups, but also expect to continue delivering unique experiences, working accurately to develop profiles of aromas and tastes of particular styles. “They taught us to focus on details, how to interpret guide. They don’t give recipe but tips you should find to recognize style applied, said María Paz.

The BJCP certification complements the Beer Sommelier formation. According to specialists, although one looks for defects and suggests possible improvements, the latest training allows them to find qualities (virtues) and improve them in tasting. Both were very intense training sessions that allowed them to improve in appreciation and understanding of beer styles.

The two new Beer Judges agreed the opportunity to evaluate quality of beers in different competitions, will allow them to learn and obtain experiences they can apply in our brewery, either by developing new specialties or by controlling and improving current processes. Besides, they may continue joining people related to beer industry, to continue working on the growth of this industry.