27 de May 2019

Fresh Hop limited edition returns with herbal and citrus hints

It is not easy to grow and harvest hops in Los Ríos region, due to permanent moisture and heavy rains for sustained periods. However, we did it again obtaining – in March – about 150 kilograms of our own hops.

Therefore, and for second time, you will enjoy limited edition of experimental variety: Fresh Hop. Same as previously, this beer will be available only in 330cc bottle format, but you will find a slight difference in alcoholic level which dropped from 5, 8º to 5, 5º. In addition, it has a contribution of only 50 kcal / 100ml. Elaborated with Rubia and Munich malts and Lago Ranco, La Unión and Anwandter hops.

“It is a very differentiated and attractive beer to drink. On the nose, herbs and citrus fruits aroma provided by fresh hops. Sweet taste on palate, capable of maintaining solid structure and perfectly balanced, with 30 IBU bitterness (International Bitterness Units) and dry finish. Likewise, it is recommended to match roasted meats and vegetables or hamburgers combined with medium intensity cheese, ”said brewing specialist, Lutz Herdtle.

This new Fresh Hop will be a great alternative to those who rapidly became fans of first version, a new variety in our attempt to elaborate with local ingredients whenever possible.

Fresh Hop will be available for limited time at Kunstmann Kneipe Bellavista, Ñuñoa, Viña del Mar, and Isla Teja beer bars and our classic La Cervecería in Valdivia.