11 de February 2019

Great Kunstmann Bierfest 2019 concluded successfully

We celebrated for four days our XVII version of Kunstmann bierfest in Valdivia, more than 15 thousand people visited us to enjoy this great experience. First Company Firemen were very happy with this great event, since all proceeds from sale of tickets and beers will be for their institution.

Tourists and beer fans who came to Saval Park in Isla Teja, consumed about 25 thousand liters of beer. They enjoyed the Biergarten, beer competitions, local and national bands, dance performances, German music groups and the 16 specialties available for visitors, as well as wide gastronomic local offer.

In this version, we wanted to go further so we committed ourselves to clean-up our emblematic Calle-Calle river. Therefore, we made agreement with Aquatic Rescue Unit of Los Ríos Region, who every year clean up the river voluntary and silently after Valdivian night. This way, all proceeds from “Kunstmann Trigo”, this year’s official beer, will be donated to this entity helping to increase garbage removal.

Other characteristic of this event is that we always invite more than 12 non-profit institutions to participate, which support helps them to continue growing. Even some organizations, such as “Renacer”, the Bierfest official band with more than forty members, and German dance ballet “Tanzfreunde”, were born in Kunstmann Bierfest.

This great celebration was not only enjoyed in the official place, but the entire city of Valdivia was also included with activities in different tourist places. For example, traditional German dances in La República Square and Coastal road, the High Speed ​​Rowing and Sailing Regatta Championship in the middle of the river. The Esmeralda neighborhood also joined the party, with discounts and activities associated with Bierfest and, in the Saval Park, Jumping Competition organized by the Paperchase Equestrian Club, and exhibition of collection vehicles arranged by Old Cars’ Club from Valdivia.

We thank to all those who joint this version 2019, and we tell them that we are already preparing for our next Bierfest Kunstmann version.

We invite you to see the best moments of this great beer party!