16 de November 2018

420 tons of glass saved in a year with our new unfiltered Lager bottle

Kunstmann is aware the way we live is affecting our daily life, so we made a real commitment to help care for the environment. Seeking to be increasingly sustainable, we have decided to use bottles friendly with our planet, known as Ecoglass, which weight 14% less containing 25% recycled glass, allowing to save about 420 tons of glass in a year, therefore, carbon footprint decrease.

To reduce environmental impact in every life cycle phase, the large amount of inputs used in production process requires efficient management. Therefore, as first stage, we implemented this technology in our Kunstmann Unfiltered Lager bottles to continue then with other 330 c.c. Kunstmann specialties, appointing a double solution: eliminate tons of glass waste and reduce environmental emissions. This way achieving a balance between the needs of our followers and protection of environment.

This innovative technology allows uniform glass distribution decreasing raw materials and weight of bottles, keeping aesthetic and practical characteristics, that is, appearance, design and resistance. Differences are almost imperceptible, today lighter bottles allow greater volume to be completed, decreasing carbon emission both for production and transportation.