27 de August 2019

Collaborative work with APICOOP was highlighted On National Honey Day

Last August 6th, the National Honey Day was celebrated in the country, so we didn’t want to be oblivious to this significant date. As Valdivian brewer one motivation is to be driving force for a positive change in the region. Therefore, with this premise we released micro documentary showing the importance of work done by beekeepers in the region, as well as results reached through the collaborative work with “Cooperativa Campesina Apícola, Apicoop”.

The celebration took place at all Kunstmann Kneipe beer bars, where the celebrated was our honey specialty. Besides, at beer bars in Bellavista Santiago and Isla Teja in Valdivia, we had the opportunity to pay tribute to representatives of beekeepers, our genuine guardians in Valdivian jungle.

Our micro-documentary includes testimonies of families whose daily work is extracting ulmo honey used in our beer, who highlighted our joint work and the need to continue investing to boost industry. Annually, the cooperative manages to collect about 3 thousand tons of honey with high percentage exported, since just a few companies seek to add value to this national product in Chile.

According to the most experienced beekeepers, ulmo nectar is one of the three perfect honeys worldwide with unique properties, so we are proud to make a special beer using this raw material. “We have special treatment for this specialty, adding honey in final stage of process keeping all product properties, special in sweetness and aroma,” said our development and innovation leader, María Paz Calderón.

In turn, the main representative of APICOOP Juan Eduardo Henríquez, said “all of this is quite valuable from a regional point of view, it’s a highly beneficial symbiosis that Valdivian company like Cervecería Kunstmann, supports local producers due to the added value product we extract, making it to be special honey beer with this economic contribution, we help bees to reforest Valdivian jungle, unique native forest and the main green lung in the country”.