21 de September 2018

Easter Island: Donation of new collector truck to contribute to preservation of Rapa Nui natural environment

We are happy to talk about surprise we prepared to all inhabitants of this Polynesian island. The Eastern Island community received donation of new recyclable waste collector truck on its own territory, which will support the work of municipal employees to collect and transport thousands of garbage tons generated every year in Rapa Nui.

Our founder, Armin Kunstmann, was the architect of this initiative fulfilled after announcing donation last April in presence of the mayor Pedro Edmunds Paoa, the Councillor Mai Teao, the responsible for Environmental Education Vairoa Ika; the head of Hygiene, Decoration and Recycling Unit, Alexandra Tuki and his team members.

This contribution succeeds in achieving a long-term desire of inhabitants that will allow them to be more efficient when removing domestic waste from houses and from the seven household waste recycling centers available in the commune. Material gathered will be disposed at the recycling collection facilities “Orito”, which will process and dispatch it to final disposal.

By mid-2017, we fulfilled a great dream that was the arrival of our schop format specialties to Hanga Roa, the only settlement in the area. Since that time we have been concerned with every detail to take care of the environment and cause the least impact on the environment, a commitment that we fulfill today with our contribution to the preservation of the environmental heritage of Rapa Nui.