16 de May 2018

Committed to the environment in the World Recycling Day

Kunstmann Brewery is aware of the need to keep biodiversity, so we have set clear targets to be a company committed to the environment. We are taking specific following actions:

Solid Waste Recovery

In our continuous effort to reduce ecological mark, we decided to recycle 100% of all company residues. It has continuously increased reaching recycling the 98.6% of our current production.  Level reached with the work and collaboration of every company area, who separate and classify the origin of elements to achieve optimal recycling.  The 1.4% remaining corresponds to household wastes.

Containers are available in the different areas to distribute residues. External companies are responsible to remove cardboard, plastic, cans and glass; Organic wastes from cooking processes, like pomace, are used to feed animals.

We are aware of water source responsibility

We are located in a privileged environment, where water allows to develop highly qualified specialties. We are aware of taking care for a continuous efficient use of water, reaching average of 4.1 liters of water to produce one liter of beer that has been gradually reduced reaching the minimum global level of six liters.

We have implemented two water recovery systems to optimize the use of the remaining 3.1 liters of water. We know the lower water consumption, the lower environmental impact. For example, today water used for bottle rinsing is reused for other processes like filling fire network tanks, truck washing, among others.

We know about the importance of Energy

For more than 20 years, Kunstmann Brewery has taken care not only for quality of products, but also to preserve environment as permanent action to reach the company efficiency. With this target, we are betting to sustainable growth, with continuous commitment to minimize impact of our specialties production process.

We are aware of the importance of energy efficient use to optimize production processes. So, the electrical and thermal energy consumption has been significantly reduced in the last year.

To bring our beer fans closer, we have opened facilities to production process tour by electric Kombi with zero carbon emission, and solar battery system in a range of 100 kilometers per hour of autonomy.

Garden and worm bin

With respect to whole waste management, Brewery Restaurant and the recently inaugurated Kunstmann Kneipe Isla Teja in Valdivia, with advisory of “Mano Amiga Recycling” Company in Valdivia, have been able to recycle most of plastics, papers, cartons, cans, glasses and oils daily used.

Regarding organic residues, all shrinkage of restaurants, like harvest of hop yard and grass cut in the garden space is transformed in compost, in a special place in the facilities for this purpose.

Annually, organic matter recycling is about 15 tons, and compost generated is used to fertilize soils, our gardens and greenhouses, where production like ciboulette, squash, pumpkin, among others, is collected to supply the restaurant. It should be noted that our gardens are 100% sustainable spaces, since water used for irrigation comes from rainwater collector located in the same sector.

During the year Kunstmann Brewery holds two major events with the commitment to recycle all generated waste; For Kunstmann Bierfest, the company “Mano Amiga Recycling” is responsible of management to classify and remove waste. Likewise, for first version of Pinchado del Barril Festival held in October last year, “Valdivianos sin Basura” company collaborated in the classification, awareness and garbage removal.

The creation of these strategic alliances will allow us to carry out new projects and initiatives, which will undoubtedly strengthen recycling in the city.