25 de September 2018

Chilean Beer Sommeliers Doemens meet and create their own beer at Kneipe Bellavista

Because everyone is welcome at Kunstmann and we want our Kneipe bars to be a meeting place, we supported training of beer professionals during September again. In this occasion, together with Doemens Akademie and Celebrew educational platform, collaborative brewing was carried out by certified Beer Sommeliers both from 1st and 2nd Generation new graduates at Kunstmann Kneipe bar in Bellavista, Santiago,

In this activity, all participants contributed with the elaboration of a new beer, as part of closure of course dictated by both institutions. Recipe was created with Celebrew and together with Doemens they contributed with Munich and Vienna malts, East Kent Golding hops and Belgian type yeast, while we contributed with Pilsen Weyermann malts, Saaz hops and service by our brewing specialist Christopher Villarroel, who is also part of this new generation of Beer Sommelier Doemens.

This way “Saison” type variety was created, Belgian origin beer expected to be a light beer, refreshing, with diverse and fun aromas, 7.5% alcohol content and 17 IBU bitterness. This new specialty will be finished during first days in October and will be tasted in an exclusive tasting for same sommeliers.

All those seeking to develop brewing skills and learn more about Craft culture, since 2016 they have the possibility to get this professional certification worldwide recognized, thanks to Celebrew and Doemens (international famous leading brewing school) dictate beer sommelier professional courses.