29 de March 2018

Braumeister recommend us pairings for seafood

Lutz suggests us pairings to share during this weekend holidays.

There is nothing written about taste, therefore our Braumeister assures pairing can be by affinity or contrast, highlighting properties and flavor of meals, like seafood salinity, sweetness and aromas of light malts and some beer caramels.

For fresh meals like ceviches, shrimp, clams, octopus, sea urchin, etc., Lutz recommends to pair with light, low-fermentation beers. Here Kunstmann Lager is the best, with floral aroma and slight sweet malts notes. On the other hand, Draught Lager (craft) fits to try new alternative, it is bodied beer,

Other specialty recommended by our Braumeister is the Kunstmann Anwandter, an Edel Lager with aromas reminiscent of nuts, when drinking it fills the mouth as medium-bodied and soft creaminess. If option and preference are drinks with greater alcohol content, the new Gran Lager pairs perfect with seafood, due to flavors coming from testing of four malts.

As for white meats, the ideal pairing for fish, are medium-bodied beers, which offer refreshing counterpoint. In this case, the Kunstmann Wheat brings characteristic flavors and aromas, with banana and clove notes. When intention is to experiment with taste, for oysters a beer stout style, like Bock fits well, and for seafood strongly seasoned with citrus, a Kunstmann Session IPA is an excellent choice.