18 de December 2018

Beer and summer go hand in hand! Our season Kunstmann Sommer Pils comes again!

Shortly after the most expected season to arrive, we want to surprise the brewers and welcome the summer with good news. Kunstmann Sommer Pils will arrive, a low fermentation, blonde and light beer especially designed to refresh sunny days of the whole summer season.

Our Craft and innovative spirit led us to create this seasonal specialty, so called since it’d available only between December and March. As the name suggests, it is a Pils type beer with hops presence and outstanding malt flavor. It makes a pleasant variety, plenty of foam and a very simple objective: to refresh.

It’s a light beer which reduces body temperature on hot days, medium alcohol level and bitterness, so Kunstmann Sommer Pils contains 4.8 ° G.L. and only 30 IBU.

Same as all kunstmann varieties, this specialty was elaborated with Valdivian soft waters, pale malt and wheat, Lager yeast and three varieties of hops, Cascade, Hallertauer and Magnum, which provide elegant citrus touches and refined floral aroma.

Our brewmaster, Lutz Herdtle, recommends this summer beer pairing with light and summer meals, like Caesar salad, carpaccios, Valdivian raw meat dish, ceviches, etc. He also invites to innovate to experience different sensations in mouth, playing with soft but different intensity flavors, for example, Philadelphia or buttery cheese.